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Savannah Digital Communications, Inc. - Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Web Site Design

Steak Sauce Records - Audio Recording, Compose

Savannah Channel - graphic design, broadcasting design, advertising, video, audio, recording, 3d design, 2d design

Savannah Digital Communications, Inc. - Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Web Site Design - cnn

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Need help with computers?   03/09/2007
Digital Doc LLC is here to help you with every computer/electronic need. We are a service based company out of Savannah, GA that can work on Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, Gateway and almost any other brand. Our services include repairs, installs-hardware/software, setting up a new computer, advice on pur...
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Jobs is looking for an awards page designer   09/15/2008 is looking for an awards page designer. Anyone interested in designing and laying out the awards page should contact the site.
Media company looking for go getter marketing folks ready to tackle   11/19/2006
Media company looking for go getter marketing folks ready to tackle the world.  Salary, Commision, Paid - Holiday, Great Company to work for. Thanks,  Mngt.
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Savannah News
Savannah's Downtown Neighborhood Association and all of the others responsible for the eyesore Savannah has become   09/19/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersWith all sorts of groups "responsible" for the looks of Savannah it seems someone ought to be held accountable. But where to start? We have the Downtown Neighborhood Association, the Downtown Business Association, the Historic Savannah Foundation, the Mayor and...
Unapproved city issued credit card use defended by city council member - Employees terminated   09/01/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersSavannah's office of Film and Tourism (what city doesn't have one?) was rebuked recently by department heads as it was discovered city issued credit cards were being used for personal purchases. Information has been limited as 2 terminated employees including suspend...
Report - City council caught wasting SPLOST dollars on 2008 designs they never bothered looking at   08/31/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersJust as city council was never concerned about the mold infested, leaky, rotting, falling apart police headquarters they never bothered looking at the 2008 designs they ordered to renovate the property. From savannahnow.comCity Council members, who direct long-range ...
City Council's gay republican told to take his issue up with Chatham County district attorney   02/22/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersGay republican Tony Thomas has been instructed to take his whiny ass complaint against the mayor of Savannah to the Chatham County district attorney. Thomas, a Savannah city council member known for promoting gay, bi-curious transgender advertising on county buses ta...
Savannah Mayoral Candidate calls on city council to do the right thing   02/21/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersJames Dewberry is calling on the Savannah city council to do the right thing and give Small-Toney the job as city manager. Dewberry says "the council should ignore the white power lobbies of the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Associations and their ag...
Failure to compromise, failing to do the business they were elected to do and Dewberry's announcement   02/10/2011
From the Savannah Channel WritersAfter today's Savannah city council meeting Savannah should not be too shocked. Anger is more along the lines of what the citizen's should be feeling right now. Despite an expensive and time consuming "search" for the next city manager the "leaders" of this city shou...
Savannah and Chatham County to build luxury jail at a cost of $137,000 per bed   09/22/2010
Savannah Georgia - Chatham county voters agreed to spend as much as $110 million to add 800 additional beds to the existing jail. The fool voters who bothered to show up in 2006, about 21% of those registered, said go ahead with the squander. The Chamber of Commerce and elected "leaders" from Savann...
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