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Savannah News
  [Politics] Stupid White People of Savannah - Nomination for the week of Sept. 12, 2011
Date : 09/19/2011     
From the Savannah Channel Writers

This week's Stupid White People award winner is Jeff Felser. Felser who is running for mayor attacked the term limited, outgoing mayor Otis Johnson. What was this all about? Felser complained that the mayor should be ashamed for not holding a meeting of Savannah small businesses saying that he would not wait 7.5 years to hold such a meeting.

Hello dumb dumb !!! What exactly was Felser doing during these same 7.5 years as a sitting member of city council? Crickets.

Why attack the outgoing mayor? Crickets.

Why throw Otis under the bus? Crickets.

Next, Felser posts a campaign video on his website showing the $4 million dollar plot the city purchased for our cultural arts center. ONLY NOW is Felser is asking for the public's input on what to do with the property as it has been determined it is not suitable for the intended purpose. Wouldn't it have been nice if Felser had gone to the community first concerning the appropriate property to acquire instead of wasting your tax dollars on this to begin with? Really, what more can we expect out of idiots like this?

Hey, its only tax dollars. The tax payers will send us more.

When Felser announced his candidacy he proclaimed he was going to sweep out all of the corruption downtown. Felser is well positioned to know all about any corruption as he's been a part of city council for the last 8 years. The Savannah Channel and certainly the citizens of Savannah are anxiously awaiting Felser's proof of corruption. Felser spoke of corruption at city hall so he should come right out and tell us all about it. Right?

Meanwhile, a citizen has filed an ethics complaint against the city council including Felser for the council awarding a fellow council member monetary damages for a time barred claim of flooding. The tax payers of the city have paid Mary Osborne $60,000 for a claim that was time barred meaning anyone else would have their claim thrown out as a matter of law.

Leave it to an idiot like Felser et. al. to screw the tax payers out of plenty and lead us head long into the next mess.

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