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Savannah News
  [Culture] The value of professional politicians
Date : 09/02/2011     
From the Savannah Channel Writers

Candidates with professional credentials sounds like a grand idea but only as long as it works out well. Savannah city council has an academic, a nurse, a lawyer, a civil engineer, an accountant, a postman, a county bus advertising executive, a employee trainer for the county and what exactly has Edna Jackson ever done? Anyways, we've got a very diverse group on council.

The question is what value are we getting in return for putting professionals in office. Well, if losses totaling more than $17 million in lawsuits, rebukes from the state's attorney general for closed door meetings and not observing the city's ethics ordinance is any measure then you can only agree that attorney Jeff Felser is/was not a good value.

Next, if too costly, overdesigned drainage projects and property and structure purchases of late are any indication then you can only agree that engineer Larry Stuber is/was not a good value. The city with the blessing of the city council purchased a facility on Water's avenue for a new police precinct which was later determined unsuitable as the structure would need to be torn down. Additionally, the council member who is also an engineer voted to refurbish the interior of a building whose roof caused water damage and mold infestation yet didn't think fixing the roof first was the proper course of repair.

If putting an accountant on city council gave you the feeling she would keep close watch on where all the money was going then we are very sorry. Despite contracting design services for the refurbishment of police HQ the council never followed up on the matter and never asked about the designs. Putting your faith in an elected in part because their profession is accounting is/was not a good idea.

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