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Savannah News
  [Local Headlines] Unapproved city issued credit card use defended by city council member - Employees terminated
Date : 09/01/2011     
From the Savannah Channel Writers

Savannah's office of Film and Tourism (what city doesn't have one?) was rebuked recently by department heads as it was discovered city issued credit cards were being used for personal purchases. Information has been limited as 2 terminated employees including suspended director Jay Self have been given the opportunity to appeal the sanctions handed to them.

The Film and Tourism office has been widely criticized as an enormous waste of millions in tax dollars yet they have their defenders. Despite the knowledge of city credit cards being improperly used for personal purchases by film office employees city council member and mayoral candidate Jeff Felser defended the unapproved charges. Felser believes that suspensions or terminations are too harsh for the city employees who used city credit cards for their own uses. Our question for Jeff Felser is what unauthorized charges on city issued credit cards won't you defend?

The film office that has consumed tens of millions of local tax dollars since its inception has drawn sharp criticism as private film/video producers who claim that director Jay Self is inept and his job performance is weak. It has been pointed out that many other areas in the state have much higher numbers of projects going on and this is partially attributable to Self's lack of ability.

In the absence of Self who was suspended from duties (with pay) for 5 days (a paid slap on the wrist) a location scout who has been in the employ of city tax payers since 1997 will oversee the office. Our guess is that this long time city employee, a location scout, could run the entire office with both legs and one hand arm tied behind his back and still accomplish as much google-ing and unapproved charges on city issued credit cards as Self would with his 4 assistant location scouts.  Next we will be hiring ghost location scouts for all of the ghost movies that might find Savannah attractive.

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