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  [tv / film / video] Re: TV/Video project announced on Craigslist
  NO:60    Author : Savannah Channel     Date : 09/05/2009     

Hello all,

Thank you for your interest in the craigslist ad calling for TV talent and production support.

I would like to invite you to meet with me at the Sentient Bean at Forsyth Park on this coming Tuesday, September 8 at 6pm. Upon any replies from those who cannot attend I will schedule another date for the coming week.

I think it would be best to talk to as many folks at one time as possible as to avoid my throat getting too parched and dry repeating the same thing over and over. One can make themselves sick all on their own.

More about what my plans are...

I have a nice little website that is setup to touch on and promote most of the businesses that are represented in town. The website offers news of local, national and international import. I like talking about politics and shaming members of all parties of any stripe and I am also interested in micro and macro economics.

Beyond the news, there is a classified section, real estate section, business services section and where to stay section. The goal is to promote local businesses. The goal is to help them get the exposure they are all interested in getting.

We will produce videos about things to do in town, videos about local, national and international news. We will produce videos about local businesses. We will produce commentary on things in the news. We will review the news and open it up for discussion.

The entire thing will not be what you understand is traditional media broadcasting. This will be off the wall, wacky, irreverent, punchy, cookey and sometimes absurd.

We will report the news that the "news" outlets in town won't talk about. How about this for news? A local politician has carried the title of "Dr." for many years yet the "Dr." obtained a fake Ph.D. from a degree mill "school" whose "president" had been barred from operating a school, had been jailed and sued for the same fraudulent practices yet our local elected was happy to promote these obtained credentials for years and years. Don't you think this is news you could use?

Anyways, there are plenty of subjects to cover. There are a million things that can be done.

We want this to be fun. We want this to be inviting. We want to build a following.

Here is what we need: Writers, shooters, on screen talent, talking heads, kabuki costumes, espresso machine, cartoonist, editors, video editors, graphic designers, sales people, makeup people, wardrobe manager, hair stylists, bloggers, cat food, pickles, more sales people, sandwich meat, audio engineer, audio mixers, creative writers, critics, proof readers, focus group as well as condiments for the coffee area.

Want more? Please send your suggestions.

Please forward this mail to those you think might be interested.

I look forward to meeting you all and surely appreciate your attention.

Kind regards,




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