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Local Headlines
08/08/2013 08-08
Meddin Studios - Welcome - We're Bankrupt !!!
From the Savannah Channel Writers -

This Meddin Studio's bankruptcy matter has gotten my curiosity. They secured BIG government backed loans in H2 of 2009 and by H2 of 2013 they are bankrupt. Something doesn't seem right about this at all. As I posted before, in their bankruptcy filing they claim between $0 to $50,000 in assets and claim liabilities of between $1 million and $10 million.
08/27/2011 08-27
Jeff Felser accused of being a crooked lawyer and politician - Cook says he's "a nut case"
From the Savannah Channel Writers

The mayoral season gets into full swing as James Dewberry says that council members Edna Jackson and Jeff Felser are "crooked" politicians. This means that Dewberry believes Jeff Felser is also a crooked attorney.

Dewberry bases his belief on numerous ethics complaints filed against the city council that have gone unanswered for years. In 2007 Dewbe...
Local Headlines
02/03/2011 02-03
Downtown Business Association "leadership" tarnishes Savannah
From the Savannah Channel Writers

Downtown Business Association president Ruel Joyner has made a big push to get face time on tv, notoriety on the web and is also doing his best to promote racial intolerance in Savannah.

Joyner who operates a downtown business has created a Facebook page that not only mocks, defames and harasses the sitting mayor he supported during the most recent ...
World Affairs
10/05/2009 10-05
Chinese Military Parade
William Pesek makes some good points on China's 60th anniversary. He writes "legions of female militia clad in minis, white jackboots and submachine guns last week seemed especially incongruous under Mao Zedong’s gaze."

The article does a good job explaining some of the major issues facing the world's third largest economy.

I've enjoyed watching the clips posted on ...
Local Headlines
01/18/2009 01-18
"dignity, responsiveness and honesty" more bullshit from our county's "leader"

Susan Catron believes Chatham County Commission Chairman Pete Liakakis appears offensive wearing a wigToday's paper included an insert from our county. The insert carried the photos, names, office and in one case, the title of our elected.

Chairman Liakakis says he will continue to serve with dignity, responsiveness and honesty yet right there at the t...
Local Headlines
12/30/2007 12-30
Savannah News on The Savannah Channel
"Savannah News" items can be found in the "Savannah News" section of the website. The "Current" section of the website is where we put the most recently published items. Yes, I don't know what we were thinking when we arranged this but it is what it is. Please be sure take a look at the "Savannah News" section of the website as well where other items of interest may b...
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